Spring Break

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We packed up the kids (and most of the stuff in our house – kids need a lot of stuff) and headed up to the Mall of America for a few days while Landon & Lillian were on spring break.  We arrived after a long six hour drive (which should’ve taken only four hours) and set out to check out all that the mall had to offer. Grayson was unusually fussy.  We figured he was tired from the car ride; so I put him in the baby carrier and he snuggled up to me under my chin (his favorite spot) and fell asleep.


After a couple hours at the mall, we went to our hotel and got settled into our room.  Grayson refused to sleep, that night, unless he was being held.  We figured he wasn’t sleeping, because he was in a strange place.  Mike and I agreed that something was off about Grayson, he wasn’t acting like his usual happy self. We also noticed that his eye movements were continuing to get worse and he started to have slight body tremors.  We both agreed that we would contact his pediatrician first thing Monday morning and discuss with her the next steps on figuring out what was wrong with his eyes.

The next day, we loaded everyone up and headed to the water park.  Everyone had a blast.  Grayson was all smiles splashing in the water, he even took a ride in the lazy river with Mike.  We were relieved to see that Grayson was back to his happy self.  That night he slept great in the pack-in-play, but that was the first night we heard him making hiccup noises in his sleep.  The hiccup spells would come and go, lasting for only a few minutes.

Friday March 18th was our final day in Minnesota.  We spent some time at the aquarium; which Landon and Lillian loved.  Then Lillian and I hit up some rides at the amusement park.  Grayson was fussy most of the day; so he spent a good portion of our visit in the baby carrier with me.  Baby wearing for the win!

Before heading home we grabbed some dinner and Mike and I discussed Grayson’s symptoms and made mental notes of what we wanted to talk to his doctor about on Monday.  We both agreed that his eye movements were most frequent after he woke up, when he was excited about something, or when he would look down at his dinner tray and then up at us.  We also agreed that his body tremors would come after his eye movements; so first his eye movements would happen, then he would start to shake.  We came to the realization that something was really wrong with him, but what was it and how serious could it be?

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