“We need to go the ER.”

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We arrived home from our “spring break from hell” (as Mike calls it) really late Friday night.  Saturday & Sunday were spent being lazy around the house; catching up on sleep, laundry and the usual weekend to do list.  Grayson was still his fussy self and there weren’t improvements on his symptoms.  We tried to think of what was going on with him.  Seizures came across our mind; so we Googled infantile spasms.  Nope, not it.  His symptoms didn’t align with infantile spasms.

Sunday afternoon Mike was pushing to go to the ER.  I didn’t want to go, because we’d most likely be sent home with no answers and be left with a couple thousand dollars in ER bills.  To appease Mike, I called our pediatrician’s office and spoke to the on-call doctor.  I explained Grayson’s symptoms and how we had seen an increase in his eye movements and were now noticing his body tremor.  She asked a few questions and assured me that he wasn’t having seizures.  I relayed the information to Mike, which satisfied him for about an hour, but then he resumed his campaign to take Grayson to the ER.  I still wasn’t on board with going.  I didn’t want to wait in an ER waiting room (with all the germs) for hours, just to be told nothing.

As the afternoon went on, Mike continued to plead to go to the ER; so at about 6pm, I caved. Fine. We’ll go to the ER. Ugh.  We packed up Grayson and headed out the door.  We both agreed that any treatment Grayson may need, we wanted it to be thru the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital; so we made the trek to Iowa City.  We arrived and I was surprised to see the ER waiting room pretty much empty.  We got checked in and a few minutes later the triage nurse called us back and took Grayson’s vitals.  We were put in a room and waited for the doc to arrive.

The doctor came into our room and examined Grayson.  We explained to her what symptoms he was having and the increase in the severity of the symptoms over the last few days.  We showed her the video we took of Grayson’s eye movements and she was able to see them first hand.  She left to go speak with her colleagues and came back to tell us they were going to admit us.  Huh????  She said that she was glad that we brought in him and that he was in the right place to get the answers we needed.


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