More Testing

28. August 2016 Uncategorized 0

We busted out of the hospital the Saturday before Easter, but we didn’t stay away for long.  More testing needed to be done to determine the approximate size and placement of the “the mass,” on Grayson’s spine; so an MRI was scheduled for the Monday after Easter.  The MRI showed that the tumor was located between two of Grayson’s vertebrae, just above his kidney’s, and it had started to wrap itself around his spine.

IMG_5376That Friday, April 1st, we returned to the hospital for Grayson’s MIBG scan to determine if there were any other Neuroblastoma areas in his body and the results of the scan would help determine our next steps for Grayson.  We met with his oncologist and the pediatric surgeon to discuss the results of the scan.  The surgeon pulled up Grayson’s scan pictures on the computer monitor and the area where his tumor was lit up like a light bulb; so the theory that the mass was Neuroblastoma was confirmed. The surgeon went onto say that there was an ” an area of concern,”  with an “uptake,” to Grayson’s liver.  There it was again, that sickening feeling that I had gotten used to over the past few weeks.  Now, we had to worry that the cancer had spread to his liver.  The surgeon explained that he’d know once he was able to look at Grayson’s liver if it “was sick, or not.”  Then, nonchalantly, he said he wanted to do the surgery next Thursday (April 7th).  That was less than a week away, but a lifetime of worrying about the surgery and about Grayson’s liver.

Before we could leave the hospital, we met with a pre-op nurse to discuss all we needed to know before Grayson’s surgery.  We then signed the paperwork, giving our surgeon permission to slice our son open and take out the cancer that had infected his body.